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Lucia Gadau who works at Nonnas in Sheffield is the newly crowned Best Barista in England

Lucia Gadau who works at Nonnas in Sheffield is the newly crowned 'Best Barista in England'


Sheffield weather watcher crowned top coffee maker


Credit:  The Star

When the judges said it was the Sheffield woman’s ‘unrivalled love and passion’ that put her head and shoulders above her rivals across the country they weren’t joking.

Whilst most baristas start their working day when they take their first morning order, the newly crowned ‘Best Barista’ in England is hard at work from the minute she wakes up – she says there’s nothing more important to the perfect cup of coffee than checking the weather forecast!

Lucia said: “The temperature and humidly outside can have a dramatic effect on the end result.

“A wet and windy day can be the death knell for a quality cup of cappuccino and only a highly trained barista will know what steps to take to ensure the drink is still the very best.”

Sardinia-born Lucia Gadau’s passion for coffee making is well-known at Ecclesall Road’s Nonnas where she works.

They describe her win at the coveted English Italian Awards 2016 as ‘a fairytale’.

Nonnas proprietor Maurizio Mori said: “I spotted her attention to detail immediately – if her coffee isn’t one hundred percent to her liking it won’t be served.

“I’m confident of saying we are now serving the very best coffee anywhere in the county. It’s a huge accolade for us.”

Nonnas admit Lucia raised the bar to another level when she arrived in 2013.

Her determination to learn and deliver the ultimate blends of coffee has seen her move country twice, learn a new language and even get over the heartache of a failed business back in her homeland.

Lucia said: “I believe in absolute perfection in coffee. So many baristas cut corners and serve poor coffee. They don’t use the correct pressure on the machine, don’t use the correct milk consistency, don’t handle the coffee correctly – these are all precise skills that take years to learn.”

The 41-year-old Lucia first started honing her craft when she was just 18 and living in Sardinia.

She has her husband to thank for her initial training.

Lucia received her award at the glitzy English Italian Awards 2016 held in Manchester. She beat thousands of other baristas from right across the country to win.

This is the second national win in two years for Nonnas Sheffield. Last year they were award ‘best business’ in the country at the English Italian Awards 2016.